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AMBO-Pipeline's Phase 2 NFT Mint is live.

Our objective is to look at the pace of which we should be transitioning into the blockchain space for our operations.  

Why are we going Blockchain?

AMBO-Pipeline LTD has decided to use the top tier technology for innovation and capability. We are incorporating our initial step into the blockchain by releasing a limited-time ERC721S NFT as a first step into the space. The memberships & NFT sales will be a representation of the blockchain's interest level of traditional businesses making their debuts into cryptocurrencies. 

AMBO Pipeline LTD will be using synthetic carbon credits to operate as the world's first carbon-neutral oil pipeline. 

How does ERC721S Work?

What does ERC-721S produce in terms of safety:
Transfer Checks: When enabled, any trade of the NFT out of the owner's wallet will be halted until manually verified by a team member.
Time Based 2FA: When enabled, all transfers will require the user to have a valid 30 second 2FA 6 Digit code, otherwise the transfer will revert.
Anti-Draining Mechanics: 
1.All transfers from outside of a marketplace have the potential to be flagged and/or
2. malicious NFT approvals on non-whitelisted Smart Contracts will trigger a pause that will require the additional verification to resume the NFT transfer. 

ERC721S is a first time offer in the blockchain space and is created by

How do digital assets help AMBO-Pipeline?

The AMBO memberships will help AMBO-Pipeline LTD finalize their legal and financial commitments to activate their operation line of credit and full project funding. 

**The NFTs are a gift for having an AMBO Membership and are considered a collectable item. 
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